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DBP Offers High Quality Frames and Lenses for any activity
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Live life in the clear!
 For an increasingly transparent lens experience, Essilor has developed the Crizal lens treatments range. Crizal coatings ensure perfectly clear vision by attacking its eyeglasses 5 worst enemies:
Glare, caused by reflections, especially at night, or when working on the computer. Smudges, which diffuse light as it hits the lens and blur your vision. Scratches, which reduce visual comfort. 
Dust, which can be an obstacle to sharp vision. 
Water drops, which distort vision

Seiko has redefined the optical industry by marketing ophthalmic lenses that set innovative technological standards. Seiko Optical Products began distributing its brand-name lens products in the United States in 1986. Seiko is the originator of soft progressive-lens technology, offering multi-patented designs that include a high-index progressive lens. Seiko also perfected aspheric lenses with its dual-patented MX design and 10mm spherical fitting button that allows for ease of fitting and patient accommodation.


Varilux, a pioneer in progressive lenses are committed to offering the best progressive lenses on the market.  Varilux encompasses 500 researchers and more than 5,100 optical patents and pending patents in the field of ophthalmic lenses.  Thanks to its unique Live Optics program, Varilux lenses explore the "digital world" differently than others.  Rather than just using digital technology for surfacing precision, Varilux lenses use digital technology to create the highest performance designs as well. 


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